Expedited US Passport Renewals Available.

Critical Information About Other Passport Services

CIBTvisas offers expedited US Passport renewal services in as a little as 6-8 weeks. Get your renewed US Passport started today by beginning your renewal below.

CIBTvisas is unable to offer non-renewal US Passport expedited services at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will resume processing other US Passport services as soon as we are able to do so. We anticipate a backlog of non-renewal passport service requests when expedited Passport processing resumes, so reserve your spot now.

Renew Your US Passport Today

We are pleased to offer US Passport renewals in 6-8 weeks, less than half the time for routine processing. This is the fastest available time for those without a life or death emergency.

Reserve Your Spot

Stay informed about non-renewal US Passport Processing and reserve your spot for the fastest processing available by joining CIBTvisas Passport Priority Queue. Join now. Takes seconds and there’s no fee.

Flight Crew? Life or Death Emergencies?

If you are an active Airline Flight Crew member or if you have a Life or Death Emergency, please call us at 800-929-2428 for more information.