First Time Passport Card

CIBTvisas's First Time Passport Card service provides a convenient and inexpensive way to meet entry requirements when you visit the countries of Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, or Mexico.  This option is only available if you choose to travel by means other than air transport.



To Obtain Your First Time Passport Card You Will Need To:

  1. Select the speed of service and submit your first time passport card request above.  CIBTvisas will provide you with a list of documents needed for your passport order, processing fees for your requested service, and the next steps required to start your passport order with CIBTvisas.
  2. Start your passport order.  Select Start Order on the following page to complete CIBTvisas’s fast online passport order form.  

  3. Download your forms and passport requirements.  CIBTvisas’s Application Kit provides you with a summary of the First Time Passport Card service, important information, a list of the personal documents you need to provide, step-by-step instructions for completing your passport order, as well as the required passport application forms you need to fill out. 
  4. Send your personal documents and completed forms to CIBTvisas.  Once you have completed all of the steps outlined in your passport application kit, you need to submit the required personal documents to the CIBTvisas location listed in your CIBTvisas Application Kit.  We will begin processing your passport order as soon as we receive it.  CIBTvisas will email you a summary of your passport order and will contact you if additional information is required.

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